One year after

Last year, about the same time in the evening, I said goodbye to my father in the hospital.
I have arranged for him a place in a hospice. It was just about few hours that the place would be free for him there.
He was transported from the hospital to the place he stayed last months; “Senior House Hillaris” in Puck.
Few hours later he died there and was in no need for the hospice anymore.

We miss him. Our children remember him and his last place. Sometimes we go there and see familiar faces of the inhabitants at Hillaris.

Almost nothing has changed there, almost everybody is still there, but not him anymore.

“The green flash may shine on you”.


Life, Death and Light

Today is Christmas. A day ago my father, prof. Janusz Slawinski has passed away.

He had struggled in the last weeks and let his death be his birth again.

He was a great man. In the first entries I want to write about him.

Several years ago I have registered this domain to present new “cosmic” trends in the philosophy: “About our Life and the Universe”.

I wanted to do it with my father but my father spaced out. At the end he was almost in his space.

Now, the time is ready to fill Mind-Reflection with life.