Life, Death and Light

Today is Christmas. A day ago my father, prof. Janusz Slawinski has passed away.

He had struggled in the last weeks and let his death be his birth again.

He was a great man. In the first entries I want to write about him.

Several years ago I have registered this domain to present new “cosmic” trends in the philosophy: “About our Life and the Universe”.

I wanted to do it with my father but my father spaced out. At the end he was almost in his space.

Now, the time is ready to fill Mind-Reflection with life.


4 thoughts on “Life, Death and Light

  1. Today, late at night I have received this message which moved me very much: “Our condolences on the loss of your father”

    “The holidays can be very stressful for adults. I think children and young parents have the most fun.
    There was a lot of solar activity ( during this time period in 2016 putting additional stress on the heart and brain. Fortunately, for those lucky ones of us who have found your products there is some relief.
    Your fathers essays are very interesting and I look forward to sharing them with my son who has just finished his thesis on neuroscience and artificial intelligence.
    Please accept our condolences on the loss of your beloved father.

    Thank you Sellie!

  2. And here is another one from Alvin: “Alzheimer’s 40hz light treatment question”

    “I recently watched this video and was wondering if your products might have a similar program.”

    My reply to this was:
    “Thank you Alvin for your message.

    Yes, we can do it. Apparently my father had Alzheimer but he did not want to fight it very much…
    We have also approached audio and tactile stimulation as well, now for 6 years since the diagnosis.

    Anyway, maybe it is a good idea and proper time to release a “Gamma” program around 40 Hz – it will work fine with the AudioStrobe encoding.
    I have been already working on such program just before my fathers “exit”.

    Thanks again for motivation, I am warming up the studio.

    Best regards,


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