FTL – Faster Than Light

Let us try to imagine that our universe expands beyond the light speed limit (c).
Where “things” can move faster than light and build up a “FTL-U” – faster than light universe.

How it will look like and what properties can it have? Is there a quantum tunneling between the “real” and “imaginary” universe possible?
Is information transfer then possible? Can the “necrotic radiation” be considered as a carrier to this FTL-U?

There are already theories on “Tachyons” and “Tachyonic field” proposed in the early 60-ties and later.
But tachyons have even found their way into the modern string theory.

So, if FTL then what? The mass and energy become “imaginary” and have the factor of “i”, which is defined as an imaginary unit i² = -1.
This is something you should avoid squaring in the high school, right? No negative square roots!

The mathematics is not complete without the “imaginary” numbers, which together with “real” numbers build complex numbers.
Then suddenly you can have square roots, logarithms etc.  from negative numbers and periodic functions like sine and cosine relate to exponential growth function like in the Euler’s identity:

e^{i\pi }+1=0  or in another form:  e^{ix}=\cos x+i\sin x

For us it means that an FTL object with imaginary mass will have following properties:

  • to slow it down to c you will need to apply infinite imaginary energy
  • its natural “rest” state is infinite speed
  • one imaginary mass will repel another imaginary mass

This paradox properties  have astonishing consequences.

Now I understand much better what my father intuitively approached with his theory and experiments on necrotic radiation.
Light is not a barrier at all. It simply is a point of reference, just only for us. The information can be sustained in an interference pattern.

And the information can “tunnel” to the imaginary side of FTL-U. It is a point of reference for FTL-U as well…
Photons have no rest mass, no time. That’s why he called “Light, Shadow of God”, giving light divine properties.

And wait a millisecond, when the information from our real world can be transmitted to the imaginary, then why not in a reverse way?

Imagine a FTL being which can not exist, because of the paradox properties listed before, like something “divine”, which wants to “materialize”.

It will have to send information from FTL-U to the real domain….

…to be continued.