The Boarder of Light

First of all I do not want you scare away with formulas and plots.
They are just there as “illustrations”. You will not need to read them to follow the text at all.

When the object is not moving we say it has a rest mass.
When it becomes faster and faster reaching almost the speed of light c its mass is getting larger and larger.
E = mc² as you know it from Einstein refers to the rest mass. As the object starts moving it get’s kinetic energy and since it can not cross the speed of light you can pump kinetic energy into it endlessly. It will just approach the speed of light and becomes “relativistic”. Its mass is getting larger and larger:

m_{\mathrm {rel} }={\frac {m_{0}}{\sqrt {1-{\frac {v^{2}}{c^{2}}}}}}.
where v is the speed of the object and is c = 300 000 000 m/s

On this plot you can see the asymptotic growth of mass and energy from both sides of the light speed.


After “crossing” the light speed c the values of mass and energy become “imaginary” but returning to the rest mass at speeds going towards infinity.
This could have further implications for mass mass relations (gravity) and energy. More on this in the FTL section.

What for us is here important is the following question? Is the c, used as reference a real barrier?
Is it a barrier for light itself?

No, it is the light, the reference itself. In this meaning light, photons, having the rest mas 0 can carry information to both sides of the border.
They are the shadow my father is talking about.

Taking this into account, the necrotic radiation could be the best “conveyor” as he calls it to bring the information of a biological system “to the other side”.

In my opinion the life does not end with the “light”. It goes beyond it and becomes “potentiality” – a cosmic and conscious field with almost divine attributes.

And what this another side could be is just a theory, implications from Einstein’s relativity. Let’s take a look at this at in the FTL section.